Our Engagement

  • My Proposal Story

    Richmond VA

    When Valerie and I were discussing marriage and timelines of when it could happen we

    realized that the church dates fill up very quickly and with only a few options left open in our  desired  delineation of when things could be done we booked the church date of July 25th 2015.

    Now to get that ring…..

    It took awhile to be delivered but it finally arrived!

    Valerie and I had some save the date photos taken and we were going to take another series of photos with our friend, Alicia, the Monday (Labor Day) after I received the ring.

    I thought that would be a good opportunity to pop the question so I enlisted Alicia as my cohort. The plan was to take photos at 3 locations in the city of Richmond. The last site of the series was going to be down by the canal at a spot that has elaborate graffiti artwork so Alicia and I enlisted friends to be waiting at that site at 5:30 to pop out and surprise Valerie when I proposed. With Maggie in charge of choreography and Fernando in charge of props I knew it would all workout.

    Our photo shoot was running way ahead of schedule so I was doing everything I could to stall while trying not to make Val suspect anything. “Hey Alicia what about another photo of us way over there?” I don’t know what I would have done without Alicia helping it along.

    We finally made it to the site and I asked Valerie for her hand in marriage as our friends poured Champagne, lit off fireworks and joined us in celebrating our engagement.  

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  • Click on the link below to see the proposal video taken at "Canal Walk" in RVA



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